John E McClure

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The amino acid sequence of a biologically active polypeptide isolated from calf thymus, termed thymosin alpha1, has been determined. Thymosin alpha1 is a heat stable, highly acidic molecule composed of 28 amino acid residues. This peptide is one of several present in thymosin fraction 5 that may participate in the regulation, differentiation and function of(More)
A partially purified extract from thymus tissue termed thymosin Fraction 5 has been shown to reconstitute immunological deficiencies resulting from the lack of thymic function in several animal models, as well as humans with primary and secondary immunodeficiency diseases. Thymosin Fraction 5 consists of a family of polypeptides with molecular weights(More)
Thymosin beta 4, a peptide with hormonal-like properties first isolated from the thymus gland, can be measured in serum using a newly described radioimmunoassay. The radioimmunoassay utilizes an antibody raised in rabbits against synthetic thymosin beta 4 conjugated by glutaraldehyde to keyhole limpet hemocyanin. A 125I-tyrosine-C13 analogue of the(More)
The production of neutralizing monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) will permit the exact localization of neutralizing epitopes on the AIDS virus, HIV-1. We describe the properties of seven MAbs to the envelope of the LAV-1 isolate. Five MAbs recognise the central portion of gp110, amino acids 279-472, and four of these are capable of high-titre neutralization of(More)
To help clarify the nature and pathogenesis of the syndrome of severely opportunistic infection associated with immune deficiency in young homosexual males, we investigated the immunological characteristics of a group of 33 young homosexual men. These young men all had the prodrome to the syndrome which included a history of multiple sexual partners and(More)
A monoclonal anti-actin antibody, 2C9, was used to study the distribution of an actin-like cell-surface antigen (hereafter termed actin) on a lymphoblastoid cell line LA350 and on human peripheral blood lymphocytes. It was determined that 8-40% of LA350 cells and 3-15% of peripheral blood lymphocytes from healthy donors stain specifically with 2C9, almost(More)
This study showed that there are relationships between thymic and adrenal/ovarian endocrine actions. A 4 mg/kg dose of thymosin fraction 5 (TSN5) advanced vaginal opening and elevated estrogen levels. Single estradiol benzoate (EB) injections decreased thymus weight and caused a transient reduction in circulating plasma levels of thymosine alpha 1 (TSN(More)
Antibody against actin isolated from a human EBV-transformed lymphoblastoid B-cell line exerted an inhibitory effect on in vitro IgM secretion by a different lymphoblastoid B-cell line, LA350. This effect was dose dependent showing from 24-40% inhibition at a dilution of 1:100 and 68-80% inhibition at a dilution of 1:50. This effect was noted in the absence(More)