John E. Lewis

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Microsatellite DNA markers are consistently found to be more informative than other classes of markers in hexaploid wheat. The objectives of this research were to develop new primers flanking wheat microsatellites and to position the associated loci on the wheat genome map by genetic linkage mapping in the ITMI W7984 × Opata85 recombinant inbred line (RIL)(More)
DESIGN This is a structured evidence-based review of all available studies on the development of abuse/addiction and aberrant drug-related behaviors (ADRBs) in chronic pain patients (CPPs) with nonmalignant pain on exposure to chronic opioid analgesic therapy (COAT). OBJECTIVES To determine what percentage of CPPs develop abuse/addiction and/or ADRBs on(More)
Short-term synaptic plasticity (STP) can significantly alter the amplitudes of synaptic responses in ways that depend on presynaptic history. Thus, it is widely assumed that STP acts as a filter for specific patterns of presynaptic inputs, and as a result can play key roles in neuronal information processing. To evaluate this assumption and directly(More)
Brown ghost knifefish, Apteronotus leptorhynchus, are a species of weakly electric fish that produce a continuous electric organ discharge (EOD) that is used in navigation, prey capture and communication. Stereotyped modulations of EOD frequency and amplitude are common in social situations and are thought to serve as communication signals. Of these(More)
To form accurate representations of the world, sensory systems must accurately encode stimuli in the spike trains of populations of neurons. The nature of such neuronal population codes is beginning to be understood. We characterize the entire sensory system underlying a simple withdrawal reflex in the leech, a bend directed away from the site of a light(More)
Nanotechnology is developing rapidly and, in the future, it is expected that increasingly more products will contain some sort of nanomaterial. However, to date, little is known about the occurrence, fate and toxicity of nanoparticles. The limitations in our knowledge are partly due to the lack of methodology for the detection and characterisation of(More)
The dynamics of neuronal feedback pathways are generally not well understood. This is due to the complexity arising from the combined dynamics of closed-loop feedback systems and the synaptic plasticity of feedback connections. Here, we investigate the short-term synaptic dynamics underlying the parallel fiber feedback pathway to a primary electrosensory(More)
STUDY DESIGN This is a structured, evidence-based review of all available studies addressing the concept of nonorganic findings: Waddell signs (WSs). OBJECTIVES To determine what evidence, if any, exists for the various interpretations for the presence of WSs on physical examination. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA WSs are a group of eight physical findings(More)
Weakly electric fish use an electric sense to navigate and capture prey in the dark. Objects in the surroundings of the fish produce distortions in their self-generated electric field; these distortions form a two-dimensional Gaussian-like electric image on the skin surface. To determine the distance of an object, the peak amplitude and width of its(More)
The correlation of neuronal activity with sensory input and behavioural output has revealed that information is often encoded in the activity of many neurons across a population, that is, a neural population code is used. The possible algorithms that downstream networks use to read out this population code have been studied by manipulating the activity of a(More)