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Broadly and narrowly measured unemployment rates differ very markedly in certain countries, and the measure chosen to be the 'official' unemployment rate affects perceptions about the extent of the problem. The appropriate measure of the unemployment rate depends on whether jobless persons who say they want work but who are not actively searching should be(More)
Schooling has been shown to provide substantial externality benefits by increasing farm output and shifting the production frontier outwards. This paper investigates the role of schooling at the household-and site-levels in the adoption and diffusion of agricultural innovations in rural Ethiopia. We find that household-level education is important to the(More)
Education will have externality effects in agriculture if, in the course of conducting their own private economic activities, educated farmers raise the productivity of uneducated farmers with whom they come into contact. This paper seeks to determine the potential size and source of such benefits for rural areas of Ethiopia. Average and stochastic frontier(More)
Acknowledgements: We should like to thank Francis Teal for insightful discussions and Abstract: A large amount of recent evidence finds a negative relationship between local unemployment and wages in OECD countries, a relationship christened a 'wage curve'. This contradicts the conventional model of the labour market in which high unemployment regions have(More)
This paper summarises the findings of four recent papers by the authors on different aspects of unemployment in South Africa. Based on statistical analysis using household datasets, the papers are concerned with the impact of local unemployment on local wages; the appropriate definition and measure of unemployment in the particular circumstances of the(More)
the Inter-American Development Bank, and in an IMF-World Bank sponsored conference in Escorial, Spain for helpful comments on a related paper. The usual disclaimer applies. 2 INTRODUCTION New empirical evidence on the relationship between inequality and growth contradicts an important dimension of the conventional wisdom regarding the nature of the process(More)
South Africa's unemployment rate is one of the highest in the world, and it has important distributional implications. The paper examines the incidence of unemployment using two national household surveys for the mid-1990s. Both entry to unemployment and the duration of unemployment are examined. A probit model of the determinants of unemployment is(More)