John E. Kilroy

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quencer, confirming the high quality of the purified DNA. This is reflected by the high A260/A280 ratio (Table 1) and was confirmed by agarose gel electrophoresis. The silica matrix offers a degree of flexibility in optimizing the mass of matrix required to bind sufficient DNA for the application, whereas the silica discs provide a laminar format perhaps(More)
A computer-assisted program that monitors the appropriateness of antibiotic prescribing by matching microbiology reports and patient drug profiles is described. An antibiotic review committee in conjunction with the quality assurance department developed the computer-assisted antibiotic review program. An antibiotic order sheet was incorporated into the(More)
The paper describes the development, implementation, and review of a daily reporing system using data from two modules of a hospital information system: drug sensitivity reports from Microbiology, and patient drug profiles from Pharmacy. The system reviews each patient receiving antibiotics and compares that information with the patient's microbiology(More)
Cape Cod Hospital (CCH), a 228-bed general acute care non-profit community hospital in Hyannis, MA, has been a customer of Medical Information Technology (MEDITECH) for 20 years. This lasting relationship between a vendor and a hospital is rather unique as you will discover in this interview with John E. Kilroy, director of Information Systems at Cape Cod(More)
Pretreatment assessment data were used to enhance an existing treatment package to reduce aggression and to increase positive social interactions between a young boy and his peers. Based on the results of pretreatment assessments, additional reinforcement (differential reinforcement of alternative behavior with adult attention) and punishment (performing a(More)
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