John E. Hodgson

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UNLABELLED Use of opioids for chronic non-cancer pain is controversial and the efficacy of comprehensive pain rehabilitation programs (CPRPs) that incorporate opioid withdrawal requires further investigation. We test the hypothesis that patients with chronic pain and longstanding opioid use who undergo opioid withdrawal in the course of rehabilitative(More)
BACKGROUND Recent adaptations of the spatial scan approach to detecting disease clusters have addressed the problem of finding clusters that occur in non-compact and non-circular shapes--such as along roads or river networks. Some of these approaches may have difficulty defining cluster boundaries precisely, and tend to over-fit data with very irregular(More)
This study investigates responses in the leaf anatomy of Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) to the atmospheric pollutants, SO2, NO2 and O3 and climate in Tehran. The anatomical variables studied include thickness of the leaf lamina and of its main constituent tissues and the length and density of stomata. We present evidence that, in response to urban(More)
points which are perpendicular to the lines of the distal stimulus. Thus, with a radiating pattern they are circular, and can be seen more readily within the orange annuli. If a white surface is observed following fixation on the pattern for around 30 seconds then scintillating dots will seem to be streaming in a direction orthogonal to the previously(More)
  • Mike Sheflin, Brian Anderson, Don Brennan, Don Brynildsen, Al Cepas, Brian Crist +26 others
  • 2004
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