John E. Hiles

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Naval air defense is a critical facility for ship survivability and has been subject of a number of studies. We investigate here three different approaches to modeling it with computer software. One approach focuses on the problems of information processing and communication for the air-defense team, and is good for analyzing its efficiency. Another(More)
It is said that the main difficulty with software is that we have no design processes that reliably lead us to software that is dependable, reliable, usable, safe, and secure. These goals are complex and difficult to achieve. They are evaluated along two dimensions, which we call engineering and social, Success in the engineering dimension is evaluated by(More)
The IAGO Project explores the question of whether a software model, in the form of a computational model of cognitive behavior, can contribute to better anticipation of asymmetrical threats. The computational model used in IAGO is based on Cognitive Blending, a theoretical model proposed in the Cognitive Sciences to explain fundamental or backstage(More)
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