John E Glorioso

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Congenital adrenal hyperplasia was once considered a rare inherited disorder with severe manifestations. Mild congenital adrenal hyperplasia, however, is common, affecting one in 100 to 1,000 persons in the United States and frequently eluding diagnosis. Both classic and nonclassic forms of the disease are caused by deficiencies in the adrenal enzymes that(More)
Supracondylar stress fractures are rare and can cause anterior knee pain. Persistent, intense pain occurs in the knee and distal thigh and may be mistaken for patellofemoral pain syndrome unless the fracture is identified by radiographic modalities (MRI or bone scan). Two cases of supracondylar femoral stress fractures in female runners highlight the need(More)
Marfan syndrome is a common, preventable cause of sudden cardiac death in the athlete. It is an autosomal-dominant disorder of connective tissue with variable penetration that affects multiple organ systems. Aortic root aneurysm rupture or dissection is the most common cause of sudden death. A directed family and personal history, in addition to a search(More)
Military free fall or HALO (high altitude-low opening) is a distinct form of tactical parachuting used by the elite forces of the U.S. military. This study was undertaken to examine the type, location, and mechanism of injuries sustained by the military HALO parachutist during training. A retrospective study identified 134 parachutists with 141 injuries(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the most common injuries and medical conditions experienced by the mentally handicapped athlete during Special Olympic competition. DESIGN A longitudinal, observational, and prospective study. SETTING Hawaii Special Olympic Summer Games, 1993-1996. PARTICIPANTS A total of 2326 athletic participants were registered during a 4-year(More)
Spinal cord injury is a nonfatal, catastrophic consequence of wave-riding sports. With surfing at the core, a multitude of activities have evolved that attempt to harness the power of ocean waves. The unique qualities of each wave-riding sport, in combination with the environmental factors of the ocean, define the risk for potential injuries. As wave-riding(More)
Sponsored by the US Department of State and the US Army Pacific as part of a Medical Readiness Training Exercise, 17 physicians from Tripler Army Medical Center traveled to Outer Mongolia during September 1995 to examine the practice of medicine in the country. The obstetrical care observed was delivered at Third Women's Hospital in Ulanbataar. Prenatal(More)
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