John E Gedo

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  • J E Gedo
  • 1995
Although Freud encoded the idea of "working through" as a mere metaphor, it served the essential role of designating the necessary activities of analyst and analysand that go beyond the elucidation of mental contents through interpretation. From a neurobiological viewpoint, these processes involve the establishment of new neural networks through gradual(More)
  • J E Gedo
  • 1997
Unable to correlate clinical findings with contemporary neurophysiology, Freud tried to anchor psychoanalysis within biology through a speculative metapsychology. Recently, epistemological objections have led to abandonment of his proposals qua scientific theory, although many still use them metaphorically. Others deny the need for any general theory of(More)
The purpose of this paper is to clarify and extend the psychoanalytic theory of adolescence. Three sources of data are used: biographical source material about Freud's adolescence, introspective accounts from the self-analysis of psychoanalysts, and other biographical vignettes and reports from the psychoanalytic literature. It is proposed that a change in(More)