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Background: Radiofrequency (RF) energy has been delivered to the tricuspid valve annulus (TVA) in humans with both 4 mm and 8 mm long catheter tip electrodes to treat atrial flutter. However, lesion volume with temperature controlled RF delivery systems has not been previously characterized. Methods: In 10 anesthetized canines, a single pulse of temperature(More)
Results from a detailed study using the Crystal Ball detector at SPEAR of the inclusive photon spectra from 1.8. lo6 $J' and 2.2. lo6 J/lc, decays are presented. Radiative transitions from the 9' to the x2,1,0 states are observed with photon energies of (126.0 f 0.2 f 4) MeV, (169.6 f 0.3 f 4) MeV and (258.4 f 0.4 f 4)21) MeV, respectively (90% C.L.). I m(More)
A search for new states produced in radiative T(lS) decays is accomplished /by observing the inclusive photon energy spectrum. A narrow resonance in the energy spectrum indicates the existence of a new state X produced by the process 'Y' + 7X. The analysis is based on approximately 0.44 x lo6 T(lS) events /produced at the DORIS II e+e-storage ring. These(More)
  • K Karch, D Antreasyang, +71 authors P Zschorsch
  • 1990
Using the Cryst.al Ball detect.or at the DORIS II e+e-storage ring, we measure the q7r " xc mass spectrum in the reaction E+C-e+e-q7r07ro + e+e-61 from the ~A'A' threshold t,o about 2500 MeV/c2. The spectrum is dominated by the q' , for which we determine I'?-,(q')BR(7'-63) = (0.36 f 0.02 i 0.03) keV. In addition, we observe an enhancement in the cross(More)
Results from the Crystal Ball experiment at SPEAR are presented. A preliminary analysis of the 3 photon final state from the J/$(3095) and of the cascade decays of the $'(3684) yield new upper limits on the controversial states X(2820), x(3455) and the even C-parity state at 3.59 GeV. From inclusive y-ray spectra of the J/J, and $' preliminary branching(More)
Angular correlations in the cascade reaction e+e-+ 'Y'(2S) + rxb, xb + 7T T-+ p.+p-or T + e+e-have been used for the first time to investigate the spins of the xb states. The results support the xb spins predicted by the potential models of heavy quarkonia. 2 The xb states have been detected' by observing monochromatic lines in the inclusive photon spectrum(More)