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In view of evidence of increasing ophthalmic injury in modern warfare we examined available data for evidence of any changes in the incidence of head and neck injuries since 1914. Although data concerning maxillofacial injuries were available for only five of 26 conflicts, we could find no evidence of increasing incidence of head and neck injury. Overall(More)
Parallels are drawn between the problems and techniques associated with achieving high reliability, and those associated with the provision of security, in distributed computing systems. Some limitations of the concept of a Trusted Computing Base are discussed, end an alternative approach to thedesign of highly secure computing systems is put forward,based(More)
Requirements engineering from an organisational perspective needs to be viewed as social engineering, Thus in this paper a modelling language will be presented, which is visual in nature, and with which we assert that it is possible to diagrammatically represent and reason about the impact that an information technology system may have on an organisation,(More)