John E. Dittrich

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The effects of group problem-solving method and problem-situation complexity on attempts at implementing group solutions were investigated in a laboratory-field setting. Group members were supervisory nurses from various organizations, who were randomly assigned to three groups in a balanced research design which included three group decision-making(More)
More than 1,200 personnel (963 systems analysts and programmers and 261 operations employees) from nine companies provided questionnaire data on perceptions of fairness (equity), job satisfaction. and expressed intention to quit. Results disclosed that job satisfaction for both groups is significantly related to perceptions of equity in treatment by the(More)
Employee job satisfaction and perceptions of equitable treatment have been the topics of a great amount of behavioral research. Several theorists have suggested that one or the other may be related to organizational behaviors of employees such as absence and/or turnover. This longitudinal study examines the association of the two constructs, and, in a field(More)
Classroom exercises have long been used in the teaching of graduate and undergraduate management and organizational behavior courses and have been found to be quite valuable in illustrating a variety of important concepts. The Moon Survival Kit (group decision making), the Disarmament Exercise (inter-group conflict) and the Tinkertoy Tower (effects of(More)
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