John E. Butler

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Birth in all higher vertebrates is at the center of the critical window of development in which newborns transition from dependence on innate immunity to dependence on their own adaptive immunity, with passive maternal immunity bridging this transition. Therefore we have studied immunological development through fetal and early neonatal life. In swine, B(More)
The genes encoding the heavy and light chains of swine antibodies are organized in the same manner as in other eutherian mammals. There are ∼30 VH genes, two functional DH genes and one functional JH gene, 14-60 Vκ genes, 5 Jκ segments, 12-13 functional Vλ genes, and two functional Jλ genes. The heavy chain constant regions encode the same repertoire of(More)
Six putative subclasses of expressed porcine IgG have been described from gene sequences and allotypic variants for five of these have been proposed. We tested this hypothesis by studying the transcription of these 11 variants in outbred hemizygous farm pigs. Since Cγ subclass genes are closely linked, they are most likely inherited as a haplotype. Since(More)
This letter presents an experimental study that shows that a 3(rd) physical dimension may be used to further increase information packing density in magnetic storage devices. We demonstrate the feasibility of at least quadrupling the magnetic states of magnetic-based data storage devices by recording and reading information from nanopillars with three(More)
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