John E. Butler

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Relationships between genetic measures of mastitis (somatic cell score, score for clinical mastitis, and scores for IMI with major or minor pathogens) and immunological parameters (physiological and molecular markers) were examined for periparturient Holstein cows. Physiological markers included 11 in vitro immunological assays. Molecular markers included(More)
This report of the American Dairy Science Association Committee on the Nomenclature, Classification, and Methodology of Milk Proteins reviews changes in the nomenclature of milk proteins necessitated by recent advances of our knowledge of milk proteins. Identification of major caseins and whey proteins continues to be based upon their primary structures.(More)
The composition of sow colostrum and milk was quantitated in 25 sows at 14 time points throughout lactation. All animals belonged to the same experimental herd of German Landrace, farrowed within 4 d, and were of various lactation numbers and various litter sizes. In the first 6 h of lactation colostrum total solids (TS) and protein contents were higher,(More)
Swine share with most placental mammals the same five antibody isotypes and same two light chain types. Loci encoding lambda, kappa and Ig heavy chains appear to be organized as they are in other mammals. Swine differ from rodents and primates, but are similar to rabbits in using a single VH family (VH3) to encode their variable heavy chain domain, but not(More)
Two pregnancy-specific proteins were detected by immunoelectrophoresis using antisera developed to homogenates of bovine extraembryonic membranes. Antisera also reacted to extracts of endometrium from pregnant cows and extraembryonic fluids. However, antisera did not react with a preparation presumed to be bovine placental lactogen, fetuin, extracts of(More)
We describe the domestication of the species, explore its value to agriculture and bioscience, and compare its immunoglobulin (Ig) genes to those of other vertebrates. For encyclopedic information, we cite earlier reviews and chapters. We provide current gene maps for the heavy and light chain loci and describe their polygeny and polymorphy. B-cell and(More)
The complete genomic sequence of a bovine C alpha gene is reported here. The genomic sequence was obtained from a C alpha phage clone that had been cloned from a genomic EMBL4 phage vector library. The C alpha sequence had previously been expressed as a chimeric antibody and identified as IgA using IgA-specific antibodies. Intron/exon boundaries were(More)