John E. Butler

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Birth in all higher vertebrates is at the center of the critical window of development in which newborns transition from dependence on innate immunity to dependence on their own adaptive immunity, with passive maternal immunity bridging this transition. Therefore we have studied immunological development through fetal and early neonatal life. In swine, B(More)
  • John C Narver, Stanley F Slater, Brian Tietje, John E Butler, George S Day, Rohit Deshpande +2 others
  • 1998
A market orientation is a business culture in which all employees are committed to the continuous creation of superior value for customers. However, businesses report limited success in developing such a culture. One approach to create a market orientation, the ap­ proach taken by most businesses, is the " programmatic " approach, an a priori approach in(More)
The genes encoding the heavy and light chains of swine antibodies are organized in the same manner as in other eutherian mammals. There are ∼30 VH genes, two functional DH genes and one functional JH gene, 14-60 Vκ genes, 5 Jκ segments, 12-13 functional Vλ genes, and two functional Jλ genes. The heavy chain constant regions encode the same repertoire of(More)
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