John E. Burkhalter

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This paper describes an effort to optimize the design of an entire space launch vehicle to low-Earth (circular) orbit, consisting of multiple stages using a genetic algorithm (GA) with the goal of minimizing vehicle weight and ultimately vehicle cost. The entire launch vehicle system is analyzed using various multi-stage configurations to reach low-Earth(More)
T his study demonstrates the advantages of using a real coded genetic algorithm (GA) for aerospace engineering design applications. The GA developed for this study runs steady state, meaning that after every function evaluation the worst performer is determined and that worst performer is then thrown out and replaced by a new member that has been evaluated.(More)
In most practical solid rocket motor design processes, final designs for grains are arrived at using computer-generated grids. This process is imminently practical for cases in which small numbers of final geometries are to be considered. However, for a grain design optimization process in which large numbers of grain configurations are to be considered,(More)
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