John E. Brennan

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The human immune response to bovine dermal collagen was characterized through histologic, serologic, and immunoblotting methods. Collagen-sensitive patients were identified by hypersensitivity to intradermal exposure to ZYDERM Collagen Implant--a pepsin-solubilized, reconstituted, bovine dermal collagen. Biopsies of test sites in the forearm were obtained(More)
Two apparently homologous proteins, designated CIF-A and CIF-B, were previously isolated from bovine bone on the basis of their cartilage-inducing activity in culture. CIF-A has been shown to probably be identical to transforming growth factor beta (TGF-beta). To address the question of tissue localization, antibodies to CIF-A were produced using a(More)
We use computer simulation to evaluate several strategies for scheduling the arrival of blood donors to a Red Cross blood drive. After building and validating a model of the current blood donation process, we tested various strategies using the actual arrival profiles of the donors. The mean transit times of the donors were compared for the different(More)
ALPHA/Sim is a general purpose, discrete event simulation tool. ALPHA/Sim allows a user to graphically build a simulation model, enter input data via integrated forms, execute the simulation model, and view the simulation results, within a single graphical environment. We introduce ALPHA/Sim and describe how to use ALPHA/Sim to build, simulate, and analyze(More)
The role of cell shape in chondrogenesis was studied by using rat mesenchymal cells cultured with cartilage-inducing factor (CIF). Here we report that enhanced expression of chondroblastic markers by induced cells was attained by culturing cells in monolayer in the presence of dihydrocytochalasin B (DHCB). This effect was optimal at 3 microM DHCB and was(More)
A robotic handling system was adapted to perform the sampling and dilution steps needed in an assay to detect antibodies to the HTLV-III virus, the causative agent of AIDS. The system reduced the labor required to prepare the samples and provided standardization and accuracy in the preparation of the samples.
A general-purpose laboratory robot was configured to prepare blood samples for the HBsAg and anti-HIV tests. Several issues were studied in order to eliminate problems and optimize the system. These included pipetting accuracy, intersample carryover, reagent interference, splashing and aerosol generation and user-related issues. A number of general(More)