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An examination of femoral bone-prosthesis interface behavior under different load types is undertaken using finite-element analysis. Three-dimensional finite-element models are made of two designs of hip prostheses after implantation in a femur. Femoral geometry was determined by computed tomography scans. The models were loaded in one-legged stance and(More)
In this research, the combination of Fourier sine series and Fourier cosine series is employed to develop an analytical method for free vibration analysis of an Euler-Bernoulli beam of varying crosssection, fully or partially supported by a variable elastic foundation. The foundation stiffness and cross section of the beam are considered as arbitrary(More)
Abstract. We investigate, for linear and higher-order elements, various ways of calculating the advective limit of the stabilization parameter (“τ”) used in the streamlineupwind/Petrov-Galerkin (SUPG) formulation of flow problems. In the context of a pure advection test problem, we compare the “UGN-based” and element-matrix-based calculations and the(More)
A knowledge-based computer-aided design and manufacturing system (CAD-CAM) has been developed for total hip replacement. Knowledge-based refers to the fact that the design process is a computer program that has been provided with preprogrammed design rules. Compared with conventional CAD-CAM systems, the knowledge-based system is automated, requires less(More)
Page 1 of 19 Angola Cameia Development Casing Settlement Calculations J. Ed Akin, SPE, Rice University N. Roland Dove, SPE, Ken Ruddy, SPE, Cobalt International Energy Incorporated Houston, TX Summary The amount of axial settlement of casings supported by regions of axial elastic foundations is computed. The differential equation of axial equilibrium,(More)
Here the concepts of stress analysis will be stated in a finite element context. That means that the primary unknown will be the (generalized) displacements. All other items of interest will mainly depend on the gradient of the displacements and therefore will be less accurate than the displacements. Stress analysis covers several common special cases to be(More)
The finite element method was used to compare stresses along the inner canal wall in four two-dimensional models of an average maxillary central incisor. The four models evaluated were an intact incisor, an endodontically treated incisor, an endodontically treated crown-restored incisor, and a cylindrical post and crown-restored incisor. A horizontal static(More)
Any computer program is going to have to operate on the available data. The valid data types that are available will vary from one language to another. Here we will examine the intrinsic or built-in data types, user-defined data types or structures and, finally, introduce the concept of the abstract data type which is the basic foundation of object-oriented(More)
There are several classes of linear flow models that can be cast as a finite element model. Other flows are highly nonlinear and require much more advanced finite element methods and nonlinear equation solvers. Probably the most common example is the solution of the NavierStokes equations for fluid flow. There are several successful finite element(More)
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