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This mind itself, bound by its knots—if one lets go, There is no doubt: it will be free. — Saraha The aim of this article is to explore an approach to " mindfulness " that lies outside of the usual Buddhist mainstream. This approach adopts a " non-dual " stance to meditation practice, and based on my limited experience and training in Mindfulness Based(More)
for their thoughtful review. These parameters were made available to the entire Academy membership for review in October 1997 and were approved by the AACAP Council in June 1998. They are available to AACAP members on the World Wide Web (www.aacap.org). ABSTRACT These practice parameters describe the assessment and treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder(More)
This summary of the practice parameters describes the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of conduct disorder in children and adolescents. The rationales for these recommendations are based on a review of the scientific literature and clinical consensus, which are contained in the complete document. Clinical features of youths with conduct disorder include(More)
This paper reports on the first user/application-driven multi-technology optical sub-wavelength network for intra/inter Data-Centre (DC) communications. Two DCs each with distinct sub-wavelength switching technologies, frame based synchronous TSON and packet based asynchronous OPST are interconnected by a WSON inter-DC communication. The intra/inter DC(More)
— In this paper the uncertainties and the implied level of risk associated with next-generation network architectures is modelled using Monte Carlo simulation, aimed at understanding network economics evolution. A high number of network parameters – like incremental network deployment, data centre location, network architecture, service mix, traffic growth(More)
— This paper firstly provides an overview and definition of what sub-wavelength optical networks are, by introducing the concept of shared wavelengths. A qualitative description is then given on what the value of such a network is, particularly in terms of network simplification. Like any other network approach, sub-wavelength optical networks will have(More)
This paper builds on previous work [1] on IP off-loading over multi-granular photonic switching technologies to provide an in-depth techno-economic analysis for a real metro scenario. The main contribution of the paper is that it demonstrates a 42% capital cost reduction in favour of the proposed IP-offloading architecture, when compared against currently(More)