John Dr Jackson

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Using a point-to-point model of toll demand, this paper provides estimates of own-price demand elasticities for international message telephone service. The study improves on previous studies by using more recent data and endogenizing price. Consistent with earlier studies, the demand for IMTS is found to be price inelastic, about –0.28 on average, in the(More)
PURPOSE The present study describes a method for isolating neural stem cells/progenitors directly from the freshly dissociated embryonic retina (prospective identification) and compares their characteristics with those enriched from mitogen-exposed embryonic retinal cell culture. METHODS Cell dissociates from embryonic rat retina and mitogen-exposed(More)
The inner ears of adult humans and other mammals possess a limited capacity for regenerating sensory hair cells, which can lead to permanent auditory and vestibular deficits. During development and regeneration, undifferentiated supporting cells within inner ear sensory epithelia can self-renew and give rise to new hair cells; however, these otic(More)
In cases of complex neuromuscular defects, finding the proximal stump of a transected nerve in order to restore innervation to damaged muscle is often impossible. In this study we investigated whether a neighboring uninjured nerve could serve as a source of innervation of denervated damaged muscle through a biomaterial-based nerve conduit while preserving(More)
The reconstruction of large craniofacial defects remains a significant clinical challenge. The complex geometry of facial bone and the lack of suitable donor tissue often hinders successful repair. One strategy to address both of these difficulties is the development of an in vivo bioreactor, where a tissue flap of suitable geometry can be orthotopically(More)
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) occurs when certain conditions cause the kidneys to gradually lose function. For patients with CKD, renal transplantation is the only treatment option that restores kidney function. In this study, we evaluated primary renal cells obtained from diseased kidneys to determine whether their normal phenotypic and functional(More)
Cell therapy for patients who have intractable muscle disorders may require highly regenerative cells from young, healthy allogeneic donors. Mesenchymal stem cells are currently under clinical investigation because they are known to induce muscle regeneration and believed to be immune privileged, thus making them suitable for allogeneic applications.(More)
The demand for treatment options for the genitourinary tract is ever increasing. Disease, congenital malformations, and injury all lead to decreased function of the organs that make up the genitourinary system. Transplantation has been used successfully to replace failed organs. However, as a result of the limited number of transplantable organs and other(More)
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