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BACKGROUND It has been suggested that people with psychopathic disorders lack empathy because they have deficits in processing distress cues (e.g. fearful facial expressions). AIMS To investigate brain function when individuals with psychopathy and a control group process facial emotion. METHOD Using event-related functional magnetic resonance imaging(More)
The development of non-surgical techniques for the relief of malignant low bileduct obstruction has cast doubt on the best way of relieving jaundice, particularly in patients fit for surgery whose life expectancy is more than a few weeks. We did a randomised prospective controlled trial comparing endoscopic stent insertion and surgical biliary bypass in(More)
Between 1983 and 1988, endoscopic sphincterotomy was attempted on 1000 consecutive patients with a clinical diagnosis of bileduct stones in a centre with a policy to establish immediate bileduct drainage for retained stones. Endoscopic cholangiography was successful in 985 patients, of whom 782 had visible stones and 203 had a dilated bileduct but no(More)
Sera from 98 abattoir workers were tested for IgG to Campylobacter pylori, C jejuni, and klebsiella. Clerical workers had significantly lower C pylori and C jejuni IgG titres than any of the groups in direct contact with freshly cut animal parts. No difference was found for antibodies to klebsiella. 28 non-clerical workers with high-titre C pylori IgG(More)
Campylobacter pylorn is strongly associated with histo-logically confirmed gastritis.1 The most convincing evidence for a pathogenic role of C pylori in gastritis comes from trials of treatment." We investigated the role of C pylorn in dyspeptic patients who had gastritis confirmed by histology by performing a prospective trial with colloidal bismuth(More)
A patient with annular pancreas presenting with severe upper abdominal pain is discussed. Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) was diagnostic, with successful injection of major and minor papillae showing pancreas divisum, an annular duct emptying at the major papilla and changes of severe chronic pancreatitis in all duct systems. Pylorus(More)
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