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The "3 + 1" variant of the MacDonald condensation has been shown to be an excellent methodology for synthesizing carbaporphyrins. In particular, 1,3-indenedicarbaldehyde condenses with tripyrranes in the presence of TFA to give, following oxidation with DDQ, a series of benzocarbaporphyrins in excellent yields. Triformylcyclopentadienes also afford(More)
Benzocarbaporphyrins 4 were found to undergo regioselective oxidations with ferric chloride in methanol, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, or ethylene glycol to give bridged benzo[18]annulene ketal derivatives 5 in excellent yields. These polar derivatives were generally isolated in a monoprotonated form and the corresponding free bases appeared to be relatively(More)
A series of naphthalenyl-substituted arenediynes were prepared to examine photochemical reactivity. For naphthalen-1-ylethynyl arenediyne, 350 nm photolysis resulted in a tandem [2 + 2] photocycloaddition to afford cyclobutene adducts. For naphthalen-2-ylethynyl derivatives, electron-donating methoxy substituents were found to facilitate C(1)-C(6) Bergman(More)
A series of [b]-fused 6,7-diethynylquinoxaline derivatives have been synthesized through an imine condensation strategy to examine the effect of extended benzannelation on the thermal reactivity of enediynes. Absorption and emission spectra of the highly conjugated quinoxalenediynes were red-shifted approximately 100-200 nm relative to those of(More)
The Soret band for porphyrins is usually observed in the near-ultraviolet at approximately 400 nm, and few examples of "nonexpanded" porphyrins with this major absorption band at values above 500 nm have previously been reported in the literature. Ring fusion with aromatic ring systems such as naphthalene, anthracene, or phenanthrene generally only produces(More)
American Indians/Alaska Natives (AI/ANs) suffer disproportionate rates of substance use disorders compared to Americans overall. Providers serving AI/AN communities are drawing from a diverse toolkit of treatment strategies that incorporate Native worldviews and community-shared values in order to improve outcomes. This paper describes findings from(More)
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