John Doorenbos

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The ability to monitor dairy cow feeding behavior and activity could improve dairy herd management. A 3-dimensional accelerometer (SensOor; Agis Automatisering BV, Harmelen, the Netherlands) has been developed that can be attached to ear identification tags. Based on the principle that behavior can be identified by ear movements, a proprietary model(More)
Ongoing rise in human population and aZuence, and socioeconomic imperatives continue to demand more eYcient and productive use of global Wnite resources. This is particularly true with water which society must share between its domestic, industrial, agricultural, environmental and recreational purposes. With socioeconomic development and greater concern for(More)
1. If dormant buds of Rhododendron catawbiense album are subjected to long days the buds break after a number of days that decreases with increasing photoperiod (Table 1). 2. Plants of rhododendron (R. catawbiense), azalea (R. japonicum x R. molle) and their hybrid could not be induced to continuous growth by 18 or 24 hr days. However, when kept in a very(More)
Digital textbooks have been growing popular as a lower-cost and more interactive alternative to paper books. Despite the recent rise in adoption, little is known about how people use these resources. Prior studies have investigated student perceptions of digital textbooks in the classroom via interviews and surveys but have not quantified actual usage(More)
Aggregating rumen degradation characteristics of different carbohydrate components into the term modeled rapidly degradable carbohydrates (mRDC) can simplify diet formulation by accounting for differences in rate and extent of carbohydrate degradation within and between feedstuffs. This study sought to evaluate responses of lactating dairy cows to diets(More)
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