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OBJECTIVES To evaluate the clinical effectiveness of group art therapy for people with schizophrenia and to test whether any benefits exceed those of an active control treatment. DESIGN Three arm, rater blinded, pragmatic, randomised controlled trial. SETTING Secondary care services across 15 sites in the United Kingdom. PARTICIPANTS 417 people aged(More)
Background. Behavioural change and self-management in patients with chronic illness may help to control symptoms, avoid rehospitalization, enhance quality of life, and decrease mortality and morbidity. Objective. Guided by action research principles and using mixed methods, the aim of this project was to develop peer based educational, motivational, and(More)
BACKGROUND Health professionals working in primary care and public health have opportunities to address body weight status issues with their patients through face-to-face contact. The objectives of this all-Ireland project are: 1. to assess the attitudes, current practices/behaviours and knowledge of key health professional groups on body weight status; 2.(More)
Our approach to the representation of time is based on Dinsmore's theory of knowledge partitioning which factors any piece of knowledge into two components, a context and a description and accordingly distributes the knowledge over multiple knowledge bases called spaces each characterized by its context. Each space is a domain for localized reasoning(More)
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