John DiCecco

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The vast majority of animal vocalizations contain multiple frequency modulated (FM) components with varying amounts of non-linear modulation and harmonic instability. This is especially true of biosonar sounds where precise time-frequency templates are essential for neural information processing of echoes. Understanding the dynamic waveform design by bats(More)
It is challenging for biomedical engineering programs to incorporate an indepth study of the systemic interdependence of cells, tissues, and organs into the rigorous mathematical curriculum that is the cornerstone of engineering education. To be sure, many biomedical engineering programs require their students to enroll in anatomy and physiology courses.(More)
—Gramicidin is a pore-forming peptide which exhibits lethal properties against a large spectrum of cells. It forms monovalent cation-specific channel in the lipid bilayer of a cellular membrane with limited permeability to anions or polyvalent cations. Both ions and water move through the pore which is formed by the peptide backbone. We detected formation(More)
—Dimethylformamide (DMF) is a hydrophilic aprotic solvent often used in peptide coupling, an essential process in the pharmaceutical industry. Its use in biological study is typically in the role of a peptide solvent when evaluating the efficacy of peptides and their effect on the cellular membrane. In evaluating the effect of the peptide gramicidin on(More)
The subject of parameter estimation in linear signals embedded in white Gaussian noise has been extensively studied. The subject of nonlinear choatic signals, however, has received much less attention. This paper will examine some of the known techniques for estimating the parameters of chaotic signals such as iterative maps, including the tent map and the(More)
—A model of the neuronal reciprocal inhibitory oscillator was developed in this study by use of an entirely electronic platform. Neuronal Oscillators were widely studied in previous research due to their important roll as central pattern generators. Our model consisted of two electronic components, the neuron emulator for modeling the electrical activities(More)
— The Cricket Car is a remote control car that uses electromyographic (EMG) signals to drive the car. Electrodes are inserted into the legs of the common field cricket and the myoelectric signal, also known as a motor action signal, is amplified. This amplified signal is then acquired by the PIC16F88 processor. Using threshold detection and conditional(More)
Linear time invariant system analysis represents the educational core of the contemporary electrical engineer. While many of the analytical tools that are employed to perform linear analysis, i.e., mean, standard deviation, Fourier transforms, and the like, establish reliable and effective measures of prediction with regard to linear signals, biological(More)
— The undergraduate engineering curriculum generally consists of a significant amount of theory and mathematics that are deemed necessary to solve problems in the real world. For biomedical engineering undergraduates this often results in limited hands-on experiences with live tissue samples and biological experimental techniques. In the Biomedical(More)
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