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Following Brunswik (1952), social judgement theorists have long relied on regression models to describe both an individual's judgements and the environment about which such judgements are made. However, social judgement theory is not synonymous with these compensatory, static, structural models. We compared the characterisations of physicians' judgements(More)
SUMMARY: The increased use of precast components in building and heavy civil engineering projects has led to the introduction of innovative management and scheduling systems to meet the demand for increased reliability, efficiency and cost reduction. The aim of this study is to develop an innovative crew allocation system that can efficiently allocate crews(More)
Lack of attention to the early design process in relation to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has lead to an unsustainable built environment. Often building auditing/monitoring utilising EIA and Life Cycle Cost Assessment (LCCA) tools are used after the completion of the project, when it is too late to influence the design, materials or components to(More)
Before weapons systems can be deployed, air armament engineers must solve problems in areas such as weapon separation, aircraft stability and control, and electromagnetic interference. The Institute for High-Performance Computing Applications to Air Armament enhances these efforts, supplying new engineering analysis capabilities, and promoting the sharing(More)
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