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OBJECTIVES To 1) develop a short instrument (Stroke Impact Scale-16 [SIS-16]) to assess physical function in patients with stroke at approximately 1 to 3 months poststroke using items from the composite physical domain of the Stroke Impact Scale (SIS) version 3.0, and 2) compare the SIS-16 and a commonly used disability measure, the Barthel Index (BI), in(More)
External version with the use of tocolysis in low-risk patients has been shown to be relatively safe and effective. A retrospective analysis was undertaken to see if version was practical for a smaller community-based hospital. Thirty-two antepartum external cephalic versions with ritodrine tocolysis during a 4-year period were reviewed. Successful version(More)
VAX 8600 pipelining allows the processing of as many as four macroinstructions at once. In addition, the machine cycle time is cut by more than half. Pipelined architecture increases both the speed and complexity of the new VAX 8600. The VAX 8600 uses parallel processing to reduce the effective number of cycles required to execute instructions, in addition(More)
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