John D. Snyder

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Data from 24 published studies were anlayzed in order to estimate the annual morbidity and mortality from acute diarrheal diseases in the developing world. 22 of the studies involved frequent surveillance through home visits to families in communities; the other 2 were multicountry studies in which diarrhea mortality was calculated on the basis of death(More)
Helicobacter pylori(H. pylori)는 만성 위염과 소화성 궤양 등의 원인균으로 잘 알려져 있으며 위암과 mucosa associated lymphoid tissue(MALT)와의 관련성도 체계적으로 밝혀져 있 다. 개발도상국에서 H. pylori는 어려서부터 감염되게 되는데 대 부분의 경우 10세 이전에 감염이 시작된다 1) . 한번 감염되면 수 십 년 지속되는 것이 보통이며 자연 박멸률은 극히 낮다 2) . 한국 인에서의 H. pylori 감염의 혈청학적 역학 연구결과에서 보면, 5 세 미만에 1.1%, 5-10세 사이에 12.8%, 10-15세 사이에 20.4% 인 양성률이 20대에 들어서면 66.7%로 급격히(More)
The transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt procedure is an accepted treatment for adults with complications of portal hypertension. We performed a retrospective review of all pediatric TIPS placements performed at the University of California, San Francisco between 1990 and 1996. Twelve procedures were attempted in nine children, with a mean age (+/-(More)
In September and October 1978, after a case of cholera had been discovered in southwestern Louisiana, 10 more Vibrio cholerae O-Group 1 infections were detected in four additional clusters. All 11 infected persons had recently eaten cooked crabs from five widely separated sites in the coastal marsh, and a matched-triplet case-control study showed a(More)
Serum levels of equine-botulism antitoxin to toxin types A, B, and E were measured in four type-A botulism patients who had received equine-botulism antitoxin. High circulating levels capable of neutralizing in excess of 1 X 10(8), 9 X 10(7), and 6 X 10(6) 50% mouse lethal doses of toxin of types A, B, and E, respectively, were detected. There was little(More)
The purpose of this investigation was to assess the applicability of living-related liver transplantation in an established regional transplant program by determining the frequency of acceptable living donors from an unselected population of pediatric transplant candidates and identify specific factors limiting application of this technique. During the(More)
Childhood diarrhoea still claims nearly 2 million lives each year and remains responsible for 18% of all child deaths [1,2]. Regardless of this, research interest in this disease has been steadily decreasing after the development of cost-effective interventions in the 1980s [3]. In addition, the amount of available research funds per disability-adjusted(More)
Despite gains in controlling mortality relating to diarrhoeal disease, the burden of disease remains unacceptably high. To refocus health research to target disease-burden reduction as the goal of research in child health, the Child Health and Nutrition Research Initiative developed a systematic strategy to rank health research options. This(More)
Feeding practices may have an important impact on diarrheal diseases in developing countries. This study evaluated feeding practices in three groups of male children aged 6-36 mo: 100 with persistent diarrhea (PD), 79 with acute diarrhea (AD), and 86 in a comparison group (CG). The children came from comparably poor socioeconomic settings in Karachi,(More)
Recent studies have indicated that enteral diets can play an important role in the treatment of persistent diarrhea. Khitchri, a local weaning food in Pakistan, is composed of rice and lentils, which have previously been shown to be well tolerated in many children with acute diarrhea. The effectiveness of a khitchri and yogurt (KY) diet, which is(More)