John D Shanley

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The conventional explanation for the high fatality rate due to cytomegalovirus (CMV) pneumonitis among allogeneic transplant recipients is that immunosuppression renders the host unable to control replication of this opportunistic agent. However, evidence from studies in man and the murine model of CMV show that virus replication in the lung is unrelated to(More)
We examined the role of T lymphocytes bearing the L3T4 phenotype in acute murine cytomegalovirus (MCMV) infection. In vivo administration of rat IgG2b monoclonal antibody (MAb) GK 1.5 was used to deplete mice of L3T4+ lymphocytes during acute MCMV infection. Unlike the saline-treated controls that resolved their infections, mice receiving the MAb developed(More)
Several studies have demonstrated that antiretroviral therapy diminishes the adverse effects of HIV/AIDS on brain function. Yet, few studies have examined the role of comorbid psychiatric disorders in limiting the magnitude of recovery. The present study examined the effects of the presence versus absence of one such disorder--antisocial personality(More)
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