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Research indicates that cannabis continues to be a popular illegal drug internationally. Furthermore, adolescent rates of use appear to be significant. Whilst the non-acute effect of cannabis use on adult cognition has been extensively researched, there has been less examination of adolescents. This study aimed to investigate the non-acute relationship(More)
The aim was to investigate the relationships between a model of personality based on the concept of defense mechanisms, as articulated by Vaillant, with the psychobiological model of personality, as developed by Cloninger. A total of 128 adults from 11 family pedigrees with at least two alcohol-dependent members completed the self-report Defense Style(More)
The influence of temperament on substance abuse in schizophrenia is poorly understood, whereas it is known to play an important role in other clinical populations. In a sample of 28 male schizophrenics, Cloninger's dimensions of temperament were measured with the use of the Tridimensional Personality Questionnaire (TPQ). Levels of four commonly used(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper describes qualitative research that was carried out as part of a project aimed at drawing up a series of guidelines for the assessment and management for people with coexisting substance use and mental health disorders, or dual diagnosis. METHOD A core consultation team of 14 experts with experience in the areas of both substance use(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the extent of psychiatric disorder and mental health service utilization in a representative outpatient alcohol and other drug (AOD) treatment sample in New Zealand. METHOD A total of 105 patients were randomly recruited from two outpatient AOD treatment services in New Zealand and completed a diagnostic interview within the first 2(More)
OBJECTIVE In 1986 and 1987, Cloninger postulated the existence of the heritable behavioral trait of novelty seeking and its putative underpinnings in the dopaminergic systems of the ventral midbrain. Two widely reported studies found significant associations between novelty seeking and the type 4 dopamine receptor gene (DRD4), although a more recent study(More)
Levels of acute phase and other plasma proteins were measured in 21 men with major depression, 28 men with alcohol dependence, and 12 men who acted as controls. The depressed men had significantly elevated levels of the acute phase proteins, haptoglobin and alpha-1-antichymotrypsin, and of immunoglobulin G. The elevations in haptoglobin and(More)
AIM A report on the rate and profile of calls received by a national gambling telephone hotline for a twelve month period covering six month periods before and after the opening of New Zealand's second casino located in Auckland. METHODS Data collected by the hotline for normal counselling purposes during the year ended July 31, 1996 were collated and(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether depression measured at the time of treatment predicts relapse of alcohol dependence in the 6 months following treatment of alcohol-dependent men. METHOD Ninety-three subjects with moderate-severe alcohol dependence (DSM-III-R), recruited from a 3-week, abstinence-focused therapeutic program, were assessed for current and(More)