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Nearly three-fourths of deaths among American adolescents and young adults result from only four causes: motor vehicle accidents, other unintentional injuries, homicide, and suicide. Thirty percent of those deaths result from motor vehicle accidents, the number one cause of death among adolescents. A number of factors that influence the morbidity and(More)
A case of giant lymph node hyperplasia (Castleman's disease) with an original presentation of a chylous pleural effusion occurred in a female adolescent. CT scans showed mediastinal lymphadenopathy. Lymph node biopsy was consistent with the plasmacytic variant of Castleman's disease.
Adolescents have always played a major role in the workplace, whether using employment to add to the family's income needs or to provide the adolescent with "extra" spending money. Although employment affords many positive aspects to today's youths (including improved self-esteem and practical, real-world skills), there are many potential risks faced by the(More)
In minor cases, contrast extravasation may cause pain, swelling, and localized erythema. However, in more severe cases, extensive tissue and skin necrosis, ulceration, and compartment syndrome may occur, often necessitating a surgical consultation. Hyaluronidase has been used successfully in the management of extravasated contrast media in several reports.(More)