John D. Pohlman

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 Solanum bulbocastanum, a wild, diploid (2n=2x=24) Mexican species, is highly resistant to Phytophthora infestans, the fungus that causes late blight of potato. However this 1 EBN species is virtually impossible to cross directly with potato. PEG-mediated fusion of leaf cells of S. bulbocastanum PI 245310 and the tetraploid potato line S. tuberosum PI(More)
Interspecific somatic hybrids were produced between tetraploidSolanum tuberosum and a nematode-resistant accession of the diploid speciesSolanum bulbocastanum by protoplast fusion. Hybrid cells were selected using dual fluorescent labeling of protoplast preparations prior to fusion. Hybridity of regenerated plants was confirmed with a combination of(More)
Hexaploid somatic hybrids have been obtained by fusion of protoplasts fromSolanum brevidens (PI 218228, 2x = 2n = 24) andS. tuberosum (PI 203900 or cv. Russet Burbank; 2x = 4n = 48). In the work reported here, pentaploid progeny derived from sexual crosses between the somatic hybrids and the potato cultivar, Katahdin were assessed for transfer of disease(More)
INTRODUCTION Our research focuses on somatic hybridization of potato (Solanum tuberostun) and other Solanum species to incorporate utilizable new germplasm for disease resistances. Our emphasis is on combining potato breeding lines with wild Solanum species that are sexually incompatible with potato. In this paper we will summarize some of the results of(More)
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