John D. Morgan

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Although theories of prejudice have been extensively catalogued, empirical confrontations between competing theories are surprisingly rare. The primary goal of the present research was to test two major theoretical approaches to prejudice by whites against blacks: realistic group conflict theory, which emphasizes the tangible threats blacks might pose to(More)
  • Jimmy Chan, Alessandro Lizzeri, Wing Suen, Leeat Yariv, Chan Suen, Yariv Ben Chiao +6 others
  • 2015
We present a dynamic model of sequential information acquisition by a heterogeneous committee. At each date agents decide whether to vote to adopt one of two alternatives or continue to collect more information. The process stops when a qualified majority vote for an alternative. Three main insights emerge from our analysis and match an array of stylized(More)
This review collates a wide variety of free boundary problems which are characterized by the uniform proximity of the free boundary to a prescribed surface. Such situations can often be approximated by mixed boundary value problems in which the boundary data switches across a " codimension-two " free boundary, namely, the edge of the region obtained by(More)
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