John D. McGregor

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Developing variant-rich software systems through the application of the software product line approach requires the management of a wide set of requirements. However, in most cases, the focus of those requirements is limited to the functional requirements. The non-functional requirements are often informally defined and their management does not provide(More)
Although there is much interest in creating libraries of well-designed, thoroughly-tested classes that can be confidently reused for many applications, few class testing techniques have been developed. In this paper, we present a class testing technique that exploits the hierarchical nature of the inheritance relation to test related groups of classes by(More)
Product line engineering has become an important and widely used approach for efficiently developing portfolios of software products. The idea is to develop a set of products as a single, coherent development task from a core asset base (sometimes called a platform), a collection of artifacts specifically designed for use across a portfolio. This approach(More)
Context: In software development, Testing is an important mechanism both to identify defects and assure that completed products work as specified. This is a common practice in single-system development, and continues to hold in Software Product Lines (SPL). Even though extensive research has been done in the SPL Testing field, it is necessary to assess the(More)
€ The Art of Software Testing”, Glenford J. Further, one very well known but general patterns, and tools”, provides several patterns that are handy for practical use (6). My attention span can't appreciate “Testing Object-Oriented Systems: + Markup: A Guide to the Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation ebook. API (Practical and Object-Oriented(More)