John D. McCallum

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OBJECTIVES To evaluate a Framingham risk function for coronary heart disease in an elderly Australian cohort and to derive a risk function for cardiovascular disease (CVD) in elderly Australians. DESIGN AND SETTING Analysis of data from a prospective cohort study (the Dubbo Study) in a semi-urban town (population, 34 000). PARTICIPANTS 2805 men and(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE One in 10 deaths in Australia is due to stroke. The predictors of ischemic stroke have not been well defined, although hypertension, atrial fibrillation, and previous stroke have been consistently reported. We report on 98 months' follow-up in a prospective study of cardiovascular disease in the Australian elderly, the Dubbo Study. (More)
The measurement properties of the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale (CES-D) were examined in an Australian community study of aged persons in order to contribute to international validation of the measure. Confirmatory analysis of polychoric correlations was conducted using the generally weighted least squares method. The original(More)
Cultural differences in the reporting of depressive symptoms among older people were examined using the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression (CES-D) scale in five Southeast Asian countries: Indonesia, Korea, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. Previous work in Asian samples--principally North American immigrants--suggested differential functioning of(More)
Using transmission electron microscopy of serially sectioned tentacles from the sea anemone Aiptasia pallida, we located and characterized two types of neuro-spirocyte synapses. Clear vesicles were observed at 10 synapses and dense-cored vesicles at five synapses. The diameters of vesicles at each neuro-spirocyte synapse were averaged; clear vesicles ranged(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine prospectively relationships between minor cerebrovascular episodes and depressive symptoms in a community cohort of older persons. METHOD In 1988-1989, baseline measurements of vascular risk factors and depressive symptoms were obtained in older community residents (mean age = 67). At 10-year follow-up, three subgroups of subjects(More)
OBJECTIVE to examine the association of parity with mortality in later life. DESIGN a longitudinal, community-based study. SETTING semi-rural town of Dubbo, NSW, Australia. SUBJECTS a total of 1,571 women and 1,233 men 60 years and older first examined in 1988-89. OUTCOME MEASURES all-cause and cause-specific mortality rates analysed over 16-year(More)
Individual choice of health insurance in Australia is limited to supplementary health insurance policies provided by private (though government-regulated) health insurance funds. This supplementary insurance provides an outlet for consumers who desire a higher level of health care than that provided by the compulsory government-managed Medicare health(More)
On-combine yield monitors are widely used in precision agriculture for locating areas within fields where yields are reduced. However, the crop yield variability may be better interpreted by utilizing grain protein maps to reveal the factors limiting yield. The objective of this study was to develop an on-combine multi-sensor system for obtaining(More)