John D. Malone

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Convection-enhanced delivery (CED) is a rational technique for the direct intracranial administration of a range of therapeutic agents. CED critically depends on the use of a catheter with a narrow outer diameter and low infusion rate. Failure to adhere to these requirements can lead to reflux of infusate along the catheter-brain interface and damage at the(More)
The osteoclast, the multinucleated giant cell of bone, is derived from circulating blood cells, most likely monocytes. Evidence has accrued that is consistent with the hypothesis that the recruitment of monocytes for osteoclast development occurs by chemotaxis. In the present study, we have examined the chemotactic response of human peripheral blood(More)
Introduction Islet cell antibodies (ICA) in the sera of nondiabetic relatives of patients with insulin-dependent diabetes (IDD) are predictive of the disease, a finding that permits the design of intervention strategies to prevent it. However, 85% or more of patients with new onset IDD have no affected relative. We therefore screened 9,696 schoolchildren(More)
OBJECTIVE The primary aim of this study was to describe high support accommodation services available for patients with chronic mental illness living in New South Wales (NSW). The second aim was to ask patients in these facilities about their needs and satisfaction with services and to assess their level of functioning. METHOD Non-inpatient services(More)
for helpful comments on previous versions of this paper. The authors thank the University of Colorado-Denver for a research grant to help collect data for this study. Abstract It has long been accepted that managerial stock ownership, beyond some range of possible entrenchment, can be an effective means of aligning the interests of professional managers(More)
Löffler syndrome, a fulminant eosinophilic pneumonitis associated with the larval migratory phase of human parasites, is rarely reported in the United States. A previously healthy 8-year-old male was hospitalized with tachypnea, cough, hypoxemia, and fever of one week's duration. History revealed exposure to pigs on his family's farm in southernmost(More)
RESEARCH INTERESTS Experimental condensed matter and materials physics. Design, growth and physical properties of electronic and magnetic materials and their heterostructures. • Thesis Title: Coherent Magnetotunneling based on (001) Magnesium oxide barrier. PHYS 301: Theoretical methods in Physics Fall'14-15, Spring'15 • A course in mathematical methods for(More)
West Side of Chicago. The school was faced with a problem common to every new institution of learning— the establishment of a cohesive unity in the student body and the foundation of a tradition for succeeding students to follow. The students themselves had to solve this problem, and they solved it admirably. It was then the task of succeeding Loyolans to(More)
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