John D. Keenan

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This paper studies how to protect future generations from expropriation and to induce optimal investment in intergenerational public goods (IPGs), by introducing constitutional restrictions on the tax base. The type of tax-base restrictions that we consider places limits on the tax instruments that the government can use to raise revenue, but not on the(More)
Clinical and policy developments in health care have recently created demand for a professional response in terms of the development of advanced roles for nurses, notably 'nurse practitioner' roles. Such roles demand the exercise of autonomy, a term which eludes succinct definition despite the fact that the preparation of practitioners for these roles(More)
Intravenous regional anesthesia (IVRA) is a well-recognized technique for producing anesthesia during surgical procedures of the extremities. It has been suggested that the application of a tourniquet to the forearm may improve the quality of the block. The purpose of this investigation was to determine whether the application of a forearm tourniquet would(More)
The purpose of this Article is to show that insider trading on the basis of certain kinds of negative information is the analytic and functional equivalent to whistleblowing. Both practices are desirable responses to corporate pathologies such as fraud and corruption, and both are generally motivated by the self-interest of the actors. In light of this(More)
this legislation would further establish Massachusetts as a state dedicated to quality healthcare outcomes by utilizing Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Certified Registered Nurses Anesthetists (CRNAs) to their full scope of practice. AACN represents over 740 schools of nursing nationwide that educate approximately 400,000 students and employ over 16,000(More)
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