John D. Heintz

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Hyperdocuments present special requirements for integration with lifecycle and versioning systems. These requirements can best be summarized as "versioned linking", something not addressed by merely versioning the storage objects involved. The overriding challenge in versioned linking is resolving the correct version at the end of a link-where "correct" is(More)
Technical debt assessments often follow a similar pattern across engagements. In contrast, technical debt reduction projects can vary significantly from one company to another. In addition to exposing unexpected technical challenges, technical debt reduction projects bring business issues, organizational consideration, and methodical questions to the fore.(More)
Defines a convention for the use of UML to define XML documents. Uses stereotypes to map application-specific types to XML syntactic constructs. Shows how UML can be used in this way to map from abstract information data models to XML-specific implementation models in a natural and easy-to-understand way. Includes a sample program for generating XML(More)
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