John D. Healy

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  • J D Healy
  • Journal of epidemiology and community health
  • 2003
OBJECTIVE Much debate remains regarding why certain countries experience dramatically higher winter mortality. Potential causative factors other than cold exposure have rarely been analysed. Comparatively less research exists on excess winter deaths in southern Europe. Multiple time series data on a variety of risk factors are analysed against(More)
Fuel poverty has generally been calculated by quantifying the number of households spending in excess of 10% of income on home heating. This definition has a number of significant practical and scientific limitations. This paper employs self-reported data to calculate the severity of fuel poverty in Ireland to identify chronic fuel-poor households from(More)
It is now over 20 years since Townsend's seminal research on poverty in the UK which stressed, amongst other things, the importance of housing conditions as a potential causative factor in poor health. Since then, fuel poverty has been recognised by Government as a valid social problem affecting substantial portions of British households. The relationship(More)
This paper discusses the impact of infant mortality of spares on switching system maintenance and downtime. It provides an exact long-term solution and numerical approximation of this impact. The numerical approximation helps to calculate the initial transient characteristics of the number of replacements because theoretical results are difficult to get.(More)
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