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The Ribosomal Database Project (RDP) provides researchers with quality-controlled bacterial and archaeal small subunit rRNA alignments and analysis tools. An improved alignment strategy uses the Infernal secondary structure aware aligner to provide a more consistent higher quality alignment and faster processing of user sequences. Substantial new analysis(More)
BACKGROUND In studies where microsatellite markers are employed, it is essential that the primers designed will reliably and consistently amplify target loci. In populations conforming to Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (HWE), screening for unreliable markers often relies on the identification of heterozygote deficiencies and subsequent departures from HWE.(More)
PRINCIPLES The recently introduced robotic surgical systems were developed to overcome the limitations of conventional minimally invasive surgery. We analyse the impact of the da Vinci robotic system on general surgery. METHODS The da Vinci operating robot is a telemanipulation system consisting of a surgical arm cart, a master console and a conventional(More)
We present a parametric model for generating unit cells with randomly distributed inclusions. The proposed algorithm possesses (1) robustness by yielding unit cells with fiber volume fraction of up to 45 % for aspect ratios as high as 20, (2) computationally efficiency accomplished through a hierarchy of algorithms with increasing computational complexity,(More)
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