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The receptor for glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) consists of GFRalpha-1 and Ret. Neurturin is a GDNF-related neurotrophin whose receptor is presently unknown. Here we report that neurturin can bind to either GFRalpha-1 or GFRalpha-2, a novel receptor related to GFRalpha-1. Both GFRalpha-1 and GFRalpha-2 mediate neurturin-induced Ret(More)
We and others recently reported tumor necrosis factor (TNF) and apoptosis ligand-related leukocyte-expressed ligand 1 (TALL-1) as a novel member of the TNF ligand family that is functionally involved in B cell proliferation. Transgenic mice overexpressing TALL-1 have severe B cell hyperplasia and lupus-like autoimmune disease. Here, we describe expression(More)
The increasing prevalence of automated image acquisition systems is enabling new types of microscopy experiments that generate large image datasets. However, there is a perceived lack of robust image analysis systems required to process these diverse datasets. Most automated image analysis systems are tailored for specific types of microscopy, contrast(More)
We present an initial molecular characterization of a morphological transition between two early aging states. In previous work, an age score reflecting physiological age was developed using a machine classifier trained on images of worm populations at fixed chronological ages throughout their lifespan. The distribution of age scores identified three stable(More)
The post genomic era introduced the need to define single gene functions within biological pathways. A systems biology approach can be realized by automating image acquisition and phenotype classification. While machinery for automated data acquisition have been developing rapidly in the past years, the main bottleneck remains the effectiveness of the(More)
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