John D. Carpinelli

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A number of matrix decomposition schemes were reported for routing on Clos switching networks. These schemes occasionally fail to find the right decomposition, unless backtracking is used. This paper shows that a partition may occur during the decomposition process and that this is the underlying reason these algorithms fail for some decompositions. It then(More)
 An ever-increasing number of software simulation tools are available for many topics covered in undergraduate engineering programs. Most are strong in terms of computation, allowing students to design and simulate system behavior. However, many of these tools do not help students visualize system behavior and understand why things are designed the way(More)
The Center for Pre-College Programs at New Jersey Institute of Technology sponsors a series of summer programs designed to increase academically talented students' interest in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. One of the programs, Woman in Engineering and Technology, called FEMME, has been designed specifically for young women(More)
This paper presents different architectures in FPGA based implementations of a public key crypto algorithm-RSA algorithm. A hardware-based cryptographic system is preferred as it provides-better security, integrity and is resistant to power analysis attacks [1]. After the complete cryptosystem is simulated in VERILOG [8] and synthesized for specific XILINX
 The Very Simple CPU Simulator is an instructional aid for students studying computer architecture and CPU design, typically at the junior or senior level. It simulates a 4-instruction CPU introduced in the textbook Computer Systems Organization and Architecture. Students first enter an assembly language program, which is assembled by the simulator. After(More)
To reconstruct an image using computed tomography (CT), the axis of rotation must pivot at the same point on the reconstruction plane that the X-ray source and the CT detector assembly rotate about around the imaged object. This pivot point is used as a reference point for backprojecting pixel values to their proper coordinates. Reconstructing an image with(More)
 The New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) has participated in the NSF/Gateway Engineering Education Coalition since its inception in 1992. Through this program, NJIT has improved its undergraduate programs and engineering education, both in quantifiable ways and through culture changes within the institution. By incorporating design work in the(More)