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Optical scanning of the Universal Product Code in supermarkets provides a new level of detail and completeness in household panel data and makes possible the construction of more comprehensive brand choice models than hitherto possible. A multinomial logit model calibrated on 32 weeks of purchases of regular ground coffee by 100 households shows high(More)
Fifty years ago, the author published a paper in Operations Research with the title, " A proof for the queuing formula: L = ãW " [Little, J. D. C. 1961. A proof for the queuing formula: L = ãW. Oper. Res. 9(3) 383–387]. Over the years, L = ãW has become widely known as " Little's Law. " Basically, it is a theorem in queuing theory. It has become well known(More)
Packaged goods manufacturers distribute cents-off coupons in freestanding inserts (FSIs) in newspapers. FSI coupons typically are composed of two parts: the coupon per se and a print advertisement. Using two laboratory experiments and a separate analysis of coupon effectiveness measurements from scanner panels, we investigated whether the verbal and visual(More)
Eighteen boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy were entered into trials to assess the effects of specific ventilatory strength and endurance training programmes. The findings showed an improvement in ventilatory muscle endurance but not in strength as a result of specific respiratory muscle training. The clinical significance of these findings is uncertain,(More)
OBJECTIVE To review and describe the practice of ECT in the Asia Pacific region in the year 2000. METHOD A survey of 34 defined countries within the Asia Pacific region was made prior to the 1st Asia Pacific ECT Conference held in Melbourne, Australia, 2001. RESULTS Contact addresses for 23 of 34 countries (70%) were found with responses from 12(More)