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The antimicrobial activity of manuka honey has been well documented (Molan, 1992a,b,c, 1997) [Molan, P.C., 1992. The antibacterial activity of honey. 1: the nature of the antibacterial activity. Bee World 73 (1) 5-28; Molan, P.C., 1992. The antibacterial activity of honey. 2: variation in the potency of the antibacterial activity. Bee World 73 (2) 59-76;(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We express our profound gratitude to Elaine Daily-Birnbaum whose critical questions, editorial skills, and lingquistic abilities were significant in making this document what it has become. We also are deeply in debt to Kathie Campbell who unselfishly devoted her time and professional skills to convert our manuscript into this book. Without(More)
Antimicrobial resistance continues to be a global issue in healthcare organisations. Honey has long been shown to possess wound healing and antimicrobial properties that are dependent on a number of physical and chemical properties of the honey. We tested the antimicrobial activity of a medicinal honey, Surgihoney® (SH) and two prototype modified honeys(More)
HYPOTHESIS To qualitatively assess the different acoustic signatures of an otologic drill burr-bone interface during temporal bone dissection on full thickness calvarial and thin tegmen bone. BACKGROUND An appreciable change in the sound generated by drilling occurs with progressive thinning of the bone during temporal bone dissection. To date,(More)
Rapid economic growth in Northwest China has been accompanied by a dramatic increase in carbon emissions. Based on the two-level Logarithmic Mean Divisia Index (LMDI) method, this study decomposes changes in energy-related carbon emissions in Northwest China during 1995–2012 from the regional and provincial perspectives. Further, by constructing an expanded(More)
The scenarios generated by energy systems models provide a picture of the range of possible pathways to a low-carbon future. However, in order to be truly useful, these scenarios should not only be possible but also plausible. In this paper, we have used lessons from historical energy transitions to create a set of diagnostic tests to assess the feasibility(More)