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—We present a comprehensive study of the transport dynamics of electrons in the ternary compounds, Al Ga 1 N and In Ga 1 N. Calculations are made using a nonparabolic effective mass energy band model, Monte Carlo simulation that includes all of the major scattering mechanisms. The band parameters used in the simulation are extracted from optimized(More)
(IV;X)/þ males were generated by crossing homozygous mnT12 hermaphrodites with wild-type males. Templates for him-1, scc-1, scc-3, rec-8 and tim-1 RNA transcription were generated by PCR amplification from N2 genomic DNA with the use of the primer sets listed in Supplementary Table 4. The smc-3 template was amplified by PCR using T3 and T7 primers from the(More)
The application of poultry manure to the land is typically done to increase the amount of nitrogen that is available to plants. The manure contains other nutrients, which are also added to the soil. When the manure is applied based on nitrogen, other nutrients like phosphorus, copper, zinc, and non-nutrients such as arsenic are added to the soil even though(More)
—A nodal Discontinuous Galerkin (DG) method is derived for the analysis of time-domain (TD) scattering from doubly periodic PEC/dielectric structures under oblique interrogation. Field transformations are employed to elaborate a formalism that is free from any issues with causality that are common when applying spatial periodic boundary conditions(More)
Quantitative data on the dynamics of cell signaling induced by different stimuli requires large sets of self-consistent and dynamic measures of protein activities, concentrations, and states of modification. A typical process flow in these experiments starts with the addition of stimuli to cells (cytokines or growth factors) under controlled conditions of(More)
Some patients with dissociated vertical deviation show an increasing upward drift of their squinting eye when reading small numbers at a distance of 5 m, making a special effort to shift attention to the non-squinting eye. This finding is at variance with the view that the manifestation of dissociated vertical deviation may be induced by visual inattention.(More)
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