John Curran

Michael Mega1
Laverne Estanol1
Adiel A Akplogan1
Tim Buick1
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OBJECTIVE Neuroanatomical abnormalities have been identified in patients with late-life mood disorders by using magnetic resonance imaging. This study examined the biochemical correlates of late-life major depression in the frontal gray and white matter by using single-voxel proton spectroscopy. METHOD Twenty elderly patients with major depression and 18(More)
To the Editor: The emergence of Nipah virus (NiV) in Malaysia in 1999 resulted in 265 known human infections (105 fatal), widespread infection in pigs (with >1 million culled to control the outbreak), and the collapse of the Malaysian pig export market (1). As with the closely related Hendra virus (HeV) that emerged in Australia in 1994 and caused fatal(More)
[Montevideo, Uruguay – 7 October 2013]-The leaders of organizations responsible for coordination of the Internet technical infrastructure globally have met in Montevideo, Uruguay, to consider current issues affecting the future of the Internet. The Internet and World Wide Web have brought major benefits in social and economic development worldwide. Both(More)
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