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Conservationists are continually seeking new strategies to reverse population declines and safeguard against species extinctions. Here we evaluate the potential efficacy of a recently proposed approach to offset a major anthropogenic threat to many marine vertebrates: incidental bycatch in commercial fisheries operations. This new approach, compensatory(More)
but it could not have been accomplished without the guidance, support, and input of the workshop participants and additional contributors that assisted with the development and review of this plan. Contributors included graciously provided access to unpublished data. List of Tables Table 1. Most recent estimates of Laysan and black-footed albatross nesting(More)
Near infrared spectroscopy as a rapid and inexpensive means of dietary analysis for a marine herbivore, dugong Dugong dugon. contaminant exposure and associations with hematological and humoral immune functional assays with dam age as a factor in free-ranging northern fur seal pups (Callorhinus ursinus). Marine Pollution Bulletin 46: 594-606. 2002.(More)
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