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In this paper we describe a battlefield visualization system, called Dragon, which we have implemented on a virtual reality responsive workbench. The Dragon system has been successfully deployed as part of two large military exercises: the Hunter Warrior advanced warfighting experiment, in March 1997, and the Joint Counter Mine advanced concept tactical(More)
Today's third level students are of a virtual generation, where online interactive multi-player games, virtual reality and simulations are a part of everyday life, making gaming and simulation a very important catalyst in the learning process. Teaching methods have to be more innovative to help students understand the complexity of decisions within dynamic(More)
OBJECTIVE: This study documents psychological well-being, mental health and quality of life in a group of women diagnosed with an iatrogenic hepatitis C (HCV) infection and examines the relationship between HCV RNA status and adjustment to their illness. DESIGN: A cross-sectional design was used. METHOD: Psychological well-being, mental health and quality(More)
*Correspondence: Michel F. Valstar , School of Computer Science, University of Nottingham, Jubilee Campus, Nottingham NG8 1BB, UK e-mail: michel.valstar@nottingham. ac.uk Recent research has shown that it is possible to automatically detect clinical depression from audio-visual recordings. Before considering integration in a clinical pathway, a key question(More)
Gaining a detailed and thorough understanding of the modern battle space is vital to the success of any military operation. Military commanders have access to significant quantities of information which originate from disparate and occasionally conflicting sources and systems. Combining this information into a single, coherent view of the environment can be(More)
In response to global recession and increased competition, organizations have tried to become more efficient by decreasing costs and streamlining operations. To achieve this, the philosophy of lean management has gained in popularity. The main obstacle organizations face when implementing lean is deciding which activities to implement lean principals on. A(More)
Thirty-two women with an iatrogenic chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection were assigned to a treatment or waiting list control group and completed the SF-36, GHQ30, Battles SE, and two in-house questionnaires. A series of mixed model ANOVAs indicated a significant Group × Time effect for SF-36 physical functioning (F = 9.01, p < .01) and a series of(More)
The sudden burst of the property bubble, coupled with current global economic conditions has resulted in a huge decrease in demand for plumbing and heating fixtures in the Irish construction industry. Moreover, inefficient supply chain management policies have imposed further pressures on companies resulting in more system bottlenecks and unnecessary costs.(More)
Since cell biologists need to use image processing techniques, such as edge detection, to analyze cell images the precision of these techniques is pivotal to their work. Due to the often low quality of cell images, existing edge detectors fail to routinely produce highly accurate results. In this paper, a novel hybrid method based on the canny operator and(More)