John Crosby

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cDNAs encoded by the mouse homolog (Lim-1) of the Xenopus LIM-class homeobox gene Xlim-1 have been isolated from an 8.5-day mouse embryo cDNA library. Nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequences show a high degree of identity with Xlim-1 in the LIM and homeodomains, and 85% identity over the whole protein. An interspecific back-cross has been used to show(More)
BACKGROUND Understanding how complex antibiotics are synthesised by their producer bacteria is essential for creation of new families of bioactive compounds. Thiomarinols, produced by marine bacteria belonging to the genus Pseudoalteromonas, are hybrids of two independently active species: the pseudomonic acid mixture, mupirocin, which is used clinically(More)
Disorganization (Ds) is an exceptional mutation because of its diverse and profound developmental effects. Although other mouse mutations produce similar congenital defects, extreme pleiotropism, random occurrence, developmental independence of multiple defects, and type of anomaly make Ds unique. Examples of developmental defects include cranioschisis,(More)
This document is an on-line supplement to a recent paper (Carr and Crosby (2008)) entitled " A class of Lévy process models with almost exact calibration to both barrier and vanilla FX options ". This document is an on-line supplement to Carr and Crosby (2008). Section 2 describes some of the details of the numerical implementation of the algorithms in Carr(More)
How reliable is the recovery theorem of Ross (2015)? We explore this question in the context of options on the 30-year Treasury bond futures, allowing us to deduce restrictions that link the risk-neutral and physical distributions. The backbone of these restrictions is that the martingale component of the stochastic discount factor is unity. Our approach(More)
We develop an incomplete markets framework to show that international risk sharing can be low, particularly among countries with large interest-rate differentials. Furthermore, risk sharing computed from asset returns can be consistent with that computed from consumption. The fundamental departure in our paper is that exchange rate growth need not equal the(More)
paper presents preliminary findings and is being distributed to economists and other interested readers solely to stimulate discussion and elicit comments. The views expressed in this paper are those of the authors and are not necessarily reflective of views at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York or the Federal Reserve System. Any errors or omissions are(More)
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