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Models offer visual support for analyzing complex domains such as business processes and information systems. In both cases, models are developed using graphical modelling languages. In our study we focus on usability evaluation of modelling languages for the model interpretation scenario. The study is based on a causal model of hypotheses, which was(More)
Documenting, specifying and analyzing complexd omains such as information systems or business processes have become unimaginable without the support of graphical models. Generally,models are developed using graph-oriented languages such as Event DrivenP rocess Chains (EPCs) or diagrams of the Unified Modeling Language (UML). Fori ndustrial use, modeling(More)
Clathrin facilitates vesicle formation during endocytosis and sorting in the trans-Golgi network (TGN)/endosomal system. Unlike in mammals, yeast clathrin function requires both the clathrin heavy (CHC) and clathrin light (CLC) chain, since Chc1 does not form stable trimers without Clc1. To further delineate clathrin subunit functions, we constructed a(More)
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