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In most signaling schemes in digital communication, the boundaries of the decision regions are straight lines. For some of these schemes such as quadrature amplitude modulation and its special cases where the boundaries meet at right angles, simple and exact expressions are known for the probability of error on an AWGN channel. In other cases where the(More)
—Many of the most fundamental examples in probability involve the pose statistics of coins and dice as they are dropped on a flat surface. For these parts, the probability assigned to each stable face is justified based on part symmetry, although most gamblers are familiar with the possibility of loaded dice. In industrial part feeding, parts also arrive in(More)
In this paper we propose a new model for gripping parts with an industrial parallel-jaw gripper. In contrast to many previous models, we use two grip points and define candidate grips that are resistant to slipping and torque about the part's center of mass. These grips must also be accessible and robust to perturbations in part position. We give an O(n 3)(More)
In automated assembly lines, part feeders often impose a bottleneck that restricts throughput. To facilitate the design of parts and assembly lines, we'd like to estimate feedrates based on CAD models of parts. A previous paper 7] described how to predict throughput for a vision-based robotic part feeder given the distribution of part poses when parts are(More)
Many cellular functions are regulated by agonist-induced InsP(3)-evoked Ca2+ release from the internal store. In non-excitable cells, predominantly, the initial Ca2+ release from the store by InsP(3) is followed by a more sustained elevation in [Ca2+](i) via store-operated Ca2+ channels as a consequence of depletion of the store. Here, in smooth muscle, we(More)
Ascorbate has both antioxidant and pro-oxidant activities. We have previously shown that plasma levels of ascorbate induce constriction and blockade of dilatation mediated by endothelium-derived hyperpolarizing factor (EDHF). In this study we sought to determine if these detrimental actions were mediated by a prooxidant action of ascorbate. Since trace(More)
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