John Cox

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I study irreversible investment decisions when projects take time to complete, and are subject to two types of uncertainty over the cost of completion. The first is technical uncertainty, i.e., uncertainty over the amount of time, effort, and materials that will ultimately be required to complete the project, and that is only resolved as the investment(More)
I examine risk/return trade-offs for environmental investments and their implications for policy choice. Consider a policy to reduce carbon emissions. To what extent should the policy objective be a reduction in the expected temperature increase versus a reduction in risk? Using a simple model of a stock externality that evolves stochastically, I examine(More)
Pesticide residue analysis is used to support a wide variety of activities including crop protection research, environmental monitoring, consumer protection and legislative enforcement. It is undertaken by research institutes, academic institutions, private laboratories and governmental organizations. In the developed world, pesticide residue laboratories(More)
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